KOC Cable, which is the industry’s leading companies biridir.sahip history, product range, knowledge, professional staff and  with an understanding of domestic and abroad is a reliable company.

KOC started its activities in 1972 in the cable, which is the industry’s leading companies biridir.sahip history, product range, knowledge, and understanding of specialist staff with the domestic and abroad is a reliable company.

Annual 8600 tons and 6800 tons of copper processing capacity of pvc granules create competition in the sector and is to go ahead. Our company is PVC or XLPE insulated armored or unarmored all low voltage power cable, according to the standards being produced; ISO 9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental …

Used in control panels and electrical equipment, on and under plaster as laid conduct.

Used in dry rooms, in fixed plants, in distribution panels, or and under plaster and on insulating supports above plaster.

Used in refineries, hotels, schools, tunnels, high constructions, hospitals, power plants, data processing centers, populated business centers where there is a risk of fire.

P r o d u c t s

With the emerging global demand for cable, our use of the latest technology and ability to deliver value has made us one of the fastest-growing members of the downstream cable market.

Impeccable – is the definition of our products and processes. Our experienced staff examines raw materials and finished product at each stage of production. We are able to customize testing procedures to meet your specific application or environment. Consistent test results and certification of every foot of wire is our guarantee.

Power cable, underground, in cable ducts, for power stations, industrial plants and switching stations, where there is no risk of mechanical damage.

Suitable in areas where mechanical damage is a possibility. Is laid outdoors, indoors, underground and in duct. If requested can be produced to resist saline environment.

In long-term fires, Toxfree (non-poisonous) Plus ZH cables continue to conduct electricity. These cables have a low dielectric loss. Installed mainly in resideential or industrial areas. May be laid outdoors, underground or in ducts.