Code: N2XCH
Standard: TS HD 604 S1, VDE 0276
Construction: 1-Solid or stranded copper conductor 2-Cross linkable polyethylene (XLPE) 3-Halogen free flame ratardant (HFFR) filler 4-Concentric copper conductor 5-Protective copper tape 6-Halogen free flame ratardant (HFFR) outer sheath
Application: Indoor installation, outdoor and underground installation in dutcs where better mechanical protection is requried and places where the fire and toxic fumes can be a threath such as malls, hotels, schools, tunnels etc.
Technical Data: Min. Bending radius 15xD, Max. operating temp.: 90° C
Max. short circuit temp.: 250° C
Rated voltage: 0.6/1 KV